Bassetti China
    BASSETTI, founded in 1992, is a French leading company specializes in the Technical Expertise management. We offer comprehensive solutions for managing scientific and technical knowledge.

    In China, BASSETTI adapted its methodology for the Chinese market and opened its own branch in Shanghai with a local team who can directly answer to the needs of our clients in China.In addition to consulting and integration, BASSETTI offers an innovative software, TEEXMA, specifically dedicated to capturing your technical know-how and putting it to work for you. Our tool is entirely customizable, and unites numerous technical data management functions in a collaborative environment.

    Driven by technical needs, we aim to improve the reliability and facilitate the use of your technical capital. We develop our tool to be dynamic and perfectly integrated with the existing industrial environment. But our work doesn’t stop there. We follow-up on every project, assuring the tools have been adapted to your specifications and that they evolve according to your changing needs.

    Our team

    The BASSETTI team is made up of a group of engineers equally competent in Technical Expertise Management .

    We are at the intersection of several domains :

    Knowledge management and knowledge structuring ;

    Computer science, information systems, software engineering ;

    Engineering, research and development.

    The responsiveness of our team and the flexibility of our tools allow us to offer truly personalized solutions, perfectly adapted to each client’s needs and expectations.
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